South San Mateo Curia

Brief History - The San Mateo County Comitium owe its existence to the leadership and perseverance of the members of the San Mateo Curia. Formed in 1978, the San Mateo Curia the only Legion Council then in the entire San Mateo County slowly began extension works to the different parishes of the Peninsula yielding excellent. It was first named as the San Mateo Curia until around 1985 when a decision was made to split it into two Curiae - the South San Mateo Curia (parishes from Burlingame to East Palo Alto) and the North San Mateo Curia (from Daly City to Millbrae.  The South San Mateo Curia and the North San Mateo Curia were directly attached to the San Francisco Senatus beginning 1985. The South San Mateo Curia upon the formation of the San Mateo County Comitium in 2014 (formerly North San Mateo Curia) now reports directly to the latter. Today, the South San Mateo Curia has nine (9) Praesidia, including a Seminary Praesidium at Saint Patrick Seminary and  University in Menlo Park, CA.

Past and Present Spiritual Directors - the past Spiritual Directors of South San Mateo Curia were Father Rev. Ed Bohnert, Fr. Alwin Furtado. Current Spiritual Director is Deacon Jerry Quinn.

Officers - the officers of the South San Mateo Curia are as follows:

  • President -              Brother Gene Lopez
  • Vice President-       Sister Rita Venema
  • Secretary -              Sister Patricia Lopez
  • Treasurer -              Sister Tessie Madrinan   

Meeting Place, Day and Time - prior to the pandemic, the South San Mateo Curia Meetings were held at Saint Mark's Parish, every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. During this shelter in place order, the monthly council meeting is held virtually, same day and time. 

Parishes and Praesidia of the South San Mateo Curia:

* Saint Timothy - San Mateo (Our Lady of the Most Holy Eucharist)

* Church of Nativity - Menlo Park (Our Lady of Nativity)

* Saint Mark - Belmont (Our Lady of the Evangelist)
* Saint Luke - Foster City (Mater Ecclesiae)
* St. Raymond - Menlo Park Immaculate Heart, Queen of the Christian Home

* Saint Francis of Assisi - East Palo Alto (Our Lady of Mercy)
* Our Lady of the Pillar - Half Moon Bay (Our Lady of the Pillar)
* Saint Gregory - San Mateo (Our Mother of Divine Grace)
* Saint Patrick Seminary - Menlo Park (Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy