Active Membership Requirements - Our Blessed Mother invites you to be part of her army in the battle of a lifetime, the salvation of our souls and that of others. So if you are a Catholic, practicing the Catholic Faith in complete obedience to its Magisterial and Dogmatic teachings, and are enthused to live your baptismal calling, you are most welcome to apply for active membership to the Legion of Mary. We need you! The Church needs you! Our Blessed Mother needs you! Christ needs you! The Legion of Mary requires nothing but your faithful and willingness to serve in obedience to its rules, regulations, following the spirit of Mary - her humility before her Son, Jesus.  

Basic Duties of Active Members - The Legion of Mary Handbook states that an active member are required to four basic duties: 1) The punctual and regular attendance at the weekly meetings of the praesidium (smallest unit in the Legion organization) 2) The daily recitation of the Catena (Magnificat), 3) The performance of a substantial active legionary work in the spirit of faith and in union with Mary and 4) absolute respect for the observance of confidentiality in matters discussed or learned in connection with legionary work.

The San Francisco Senatus recently provided an important document on membership requirements that expound the correct meaning and interpretation of "faithfully practice our religion." Click here to view this document. 

Worldwide Membership - The Legion of Mary is present in almost every country and in all continents with an estimated two million active members. There are many spiritual graces and benefits by joining the ranks of the Legion of Mary among which is its powerful prayer system and apostolic system. As a member, rest assured that you are being prayed for by others whom you may never get to know. Likewise, your active participation in the works of evangelization allows you to fulfill your baptismal call to active mission work in the salvation of souls.