Junior Membership - Our Hope and Inspiration

The San Mateo County Comitium has made it a matter of importance and priority that every senior Praesidium do its best to supervise a Junior Praesidium, and thus over its 37 year history, the Legion has been a home for hundreds of young people where they were taught, guided and counseled by senior members towards a life of holiness. It was through the Legion that  our young ones found a 'second family' they could rely on and belong to when everything else seems to fall apart in their lives. Indeed, our juniors have been a source of our hope and inspiration. Their smiles and the simplicity of their faith are what make them invaluable to the Legion of Mary. In their own right, they teach us to become better Legionaries and Christians and thus, we can say  that we truly need them to be true to ourselves. God bless our young people.  

Junior Members of Mary, Model of Love Praesidium in action.