Centenary Celebration

On September 7, 2021 the Legion of Mary worldwide celebrated its Centenary Year. Yes, it may be hard to believe that the Legion is 100 years old! In between it's initial foundation and through this day, the Legion of Mary has produced countless number of souls returning to God and the Catholic Faith. In these 100 years, there are many untold stories of successes and what we call 'postponed success' undocumented and unheard of but nevertheless would always be a part of our history. The San Mateo County Comitium would like to thank the San Francisco Senatus for its recent Legacy Workshop where gave us glimpse of our rich history -  such as the historical events that took place which shaped us to becoming the organization that Frank Duff and all our early Legionaries envisioned us to be - committed to the salvation of souls working with the Church for Christ through Mary. The presentation consisted of the following topics (click the link to view the slides):

History of the Legion of Mary (presented by Bro Ando Perlas)

The Life of Frank Duff (presented by Sis Tessie Velicaria)

The Unsung Heroes and Envoys of the Legion (presented by Sis Carmen Perlas)

The Legion in Communist China (presented by Bro Dave Marten)

The Life of Edel Quinn (presented by Sis Emy Pasion)

The Life of Alfie Lambe (presented by Bro Jun Pasion)

History of the San Francisco Senatus (presented by Bro Raymond Frost)


Excellent Centenary Allocutio!!!