Patricians Society Announcements

One of the 'many blessings in disguise'  during the challenging times of shelter in place due to the pandemic is the formation of three Patricians Society groups within the San Mateo County Comitium.  (Saint Andrew's Catholic Church, Mary, Gate of Heaven Praesidium; Mater Dolorosa Church, Mary Mother of the Holy Eucharist and Family Praesidium and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mary, Model of Youth Praesidium). Because of meeting restrictions in these parishes,  the monthly Patrician's meeting  (at least for now) is conducted through virtual technology. While meeting in person is the norm,  these groups however have successfully facilitated interesting discussion of various topics relating to our Catholic Faith.

The object of the Patrician's is to aid and strengthen the understanding of our Catholic religion in order for us, lay Catholics, be able to articulate, teach and explain our faith to others. This is an important and much needed aspect of our Legion apostolate and as Catholics.  Frank Duff, the founder of the Legion recognized the value of catechesis in the Church.  "It is a sorrowful fact that Catholics do not speak about religion to those outside the Church and seldom to those inside it. A term has been devised for this Christian disorientation: Mutism...."It is said that those outside the Church will not listen. But the real truth is that the Catholics will not speak." (HB Page 262). 

We encourage every Legion member to join our Patrician's but likewise to invite their fellow Catholic parishioners.  Please refer to our monthly fliers below for  the current month's Patricians schedule, topic, speaker and teleconferencing information. You can also refer to the Functions and Announcements page. As new topics and speakers are finalized, this page will be updated promptly.