The Legion During Challenging Times

The 2020 pandemic crisis resulted into many unseen events in our lifetime, among which is the closure of many of our Churches from celebrating the sacraments of the Church. The Legion of Mary, San Mateo County Comitium joins the rest of the world in prayer for those who have been impacted by this crisis - we pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives, for those who are ill and suffering and for the heroes who risked their lives to save and heal the afflicted.  The San Mateo Comitium's response to these challenging times in our Church history could be best described as resiliency and heroic. Yes, weekly meetings could not be held in person but we found a way to connect, pray together and even work for souls - even it meant using unchartered territories, such as virtual technology, a platform new to many, yet if properly executed can work wonders in fulfilling our goals, reaching out to others. For instance in the summer of 2020 at the height of the crisis, our young members led a YOUTH ROSARY RALLY attended by more than 150 young adults with Father Victor Trinidad of the Diocese of San Jose. Amazingly in this youth event many hearts were touched. We joined with the San Francisco Senatus in yet another virtual conference of more than 500 active members in lieu of the annual Santa Clara Conference. Most importantly, we found new ways to evangelize sans the traditional personal contact through prayer, faith study groups and more. The San Mateo County Comitium and the Legion of Mary in general, could not possibly be stopped in its work of salvation - even by one of deadliest virus in the history of mankind. We offer everything, every heroic effort, every trial to our Lord Jesus Christ through the hands of Mary. Today, 2022 - things have gotten back to the 'old normal' - but not withstanding what the future holds, nothing can stop us from doing the best we can for the sake of the Gospel.