Why I Love the Legion of Mary

Rosalinda Lopez “I always have a special love for the Lord and his Blessed Mother. Yet, they did not really become central in my life until I joined the Legion of Mary. And that started my love for the Legion. The activities were exactly what suited me. At the weekly meetings, we have communal prayers, sharing of apostolic experiences and fellowship. Enabling me to live out the call to discipleship, apostolic work has given me a sense of fulfillment. Consecration to Jesus through Mary became a focal point in my life. I witnessed my life transformed spiritually.” (Rosalinda Lopez is a member of Our Lady of Mercy Praesidium, Saint Augustine’s Church, South San Francisco)

Juliet Tabajonda “Joining the Legion of Mary has helped me focused on my goal in life which is to be a saint. The system has guided me to live a spirit filled life. Not only it encourages me to stay in union with God through my prayers but also motivates me to show my love for God by serving His people.” (Juliet Tabajonda is a member of Mary, Model of Youth Praesidium of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Daly City and currently serves as VP of the San Mateo County Comitium)

Rachel Naidu I joined the Legion of Mary of Mary in 1998 and have remained an active member since because I immediately fell in love with Our Blessed Virgin Mother. It was through the recitation of the Holy Rosary daily that my relationship with Jesus & Mary began to improve. The weekly meetings strengthened my faith and deepened my spiritual life. The main purpose of the Legion of Mary is the holiness of its members and our formation is found in the Rosary, spiritual readings and discussions. It creates a family bond, a special love and trust with each other and develops lifelong relationships. It is no wonder that once you become a legionary, you will always be a legionary! Thank you for your leadership and faith and trust in each member.” (Rachel Naidu is a member of the Mother of the Holy and Eucharist and Family Praesidium, Mater Dolorosa Church, South San Francisco)

Ana Bordallo “Having been a member of the Legion of Mary for 35 years, I found the Legion of Mary to hold a treasure trove that must be shared… a true wonder filled with love, faith, trust, courage and perseverance. I love serving in an army under the banner of Mary and that Mary is its Commander-in-Chief.  In this army I learned to be in sync with each other, to be in union with each other, to be united in mind, body and soul. Humility and obedience play a great part in our Legionary duty. By studying Mary, I learned the essence of true humility and obedience. Through devotions to Mary, I love honoring her by serious meditation and zealous practice. I love that by giving my all to Mary, I know definitely that I am in the best hands. Finally, I love that the tried, and true system of the Legion made it easy for me to strengthen my Catholic faith to work on my personal sanctification and that of others and to fulfill the Legionary aim of bringing Christ, her son to the world. (Ana Bordallo is a member of Mary, Queen of Peace Praesidium of Good Shepherd Church, Pacifica)

Violy Carnero “Jesus said that it was not you who chose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruits that will last. I feel so blessed to be one of the chosen soldiers of our Blessed Mother and I am deeply committed to make her Son known to others. I have been a member of the Legion of Mary for 25 years and have been humbly trying to reach the unchurched and people with spiritual needs. I am inspired to live this vocation because it has changed me from being very timid and now very inspired to share my faith.” (Violy Carnero is a member of Mater Dolorosa Praesidium, Mater Dolorosa Parish, South San Francisco).

Demy Barozo “I love the Legion because it has allowed me to cherish and value my faith formation as Legionary since I was 9 years old. My mother and godmother passed on to me the legacy of their spiritual gifts of commitment, servanthood and fidelity. Without regret, my mother until her death was a catechist and a Legionary. Like her, I would carry on my duties as a Legionary until my dying breath. Ad Jesus per Mariam.” (Demy Barozo is a member of Our Lady of the Nativity Praesidium, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Daly City).