San Mateo County Comitium Spiritual Director

Fr. Cameron Pollette

Spiritual Director - San Mateo County Comitium

Watch and Listen to his homily a day after his Holy Ordination to the Deaconate:

The Role of the Spiritual Director

The Legion Handbook states that the mainspring of the spirituality of the members of the Legion of Mary  is grounded upon the spirituality of the Spiritual Director. "As the Legion judges its success entirely according to the spiritual qualities developed in its members and brought to bear by them on their work, it follows that the Spiritual Director, on whom the duty primarily falls of inspiring the members with those the very mainspring of the praesidium." (Legion of Mary Handbook, p. 210). The Legion of Mary has been blessed with the doctrinal guidance, leadership, commitment and inspiration of its countless numbers of holy priests worldwide since the beginning of its foundation. The San Mateo County Comitium has been graced by these holy men of God. "Thank you" are the only words that good express our deepest appreciation for your support. Rest assured that all of you are in our prayers.

From Father Joe Richard to Fr. Cameron Pollette

Fr. Joe Richard became the Spiritual Director of the San Mateo Comitium for more than twelve years having replaced Father Balaswami Govindu (Saint Augustine). Prior his retirement from the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Fr. Joe was Pastor Emeritus of Saint Cecilia's Church in Lagunitas (CA). His involvement in the Legion began at Mater Dolorosa Church (South San Francisco). Fr. Joe was involved in Pro Life work and because of his evangelizing zeal, opened a Catholic bookstore in San Bruno, Dove House, where he would welcome anyone to sit, relax, browse or talk about religion. Sometime in 2019, Fr. Joe Richard had given the San Mateo County Curia the 'keys' to operate the Dove House as part of its evangelization work. In October 2021, Fr. Joe Richard requested for the San Mateo County Comitium to find him a replacement. In probably his last meeting at Saint Veronica Parish, it so happened that a young, newly-ordained priest was visiting. When asked to introduce himself, this priest recalled his journey to the priesthood that began upon his membership in the Legion of Mary. At the end of that meeting, Fr. Joe Richard, on his way out to his car, nonchalantly said, 'maybe that young priest, could be my replacement." And the rest is history. We welcome Fr. Cameron Pollette, Parochial Vicar of Saint Veronica Church, past president of Mary Star of the Sea Praesidium as our new Spiritual Director.