Consecration to Saint Joseph

Next to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph is the next greatest Saint of God, for after all, he is the Husband of Mary and the Foster Father of Jesus and the Head of the Holy Family. Pope Francis having declared the "Year of Saint Joseph" the Legion of Mary has since been promoting to its members and to all Catholics and Christians, a special devotion to this great Saint by way of consecrating ourselves to him. Father Donald Calloway's book, "Consecration to Saint Joseph" provides an excellent resource towards this act of consecration. Father Calloway outlines in his book  a 33 day preparation period inspired by Saint Louis de Montfort's "Preparation for the Act of Consecration to Jesus Through Mary."  Thus we encourage members of the Legion of Mary to promote this devotion to everyone. Though the Consecration dates for Saint Joseph are ideally on March 19 and May 1, it is not necessary to always pick these dates. In fact, any day of the year can be designated as consecration day for Saint Joseph.